kitchen and bath designer


Dovetail was designed for both. While our platform was initially created for designers, we know that builders often handle design internally. Our platform is great for both cases and provides the necessary safety nets to make sure your project specs rock!

Dovetail is accessed via Google Chrome on a desktop or laptop computer. Don’t have Chrome yet? Download it here!

If you have any issue with Dovetail, please email [email protected] with details of your issue. Screenshots or screen recordings are always welcome. We appreciate any and all feedback and have a team ready to help you. We will get back to you within 24-48 hours M-F.

Your data is safe with us! We secure your data on Azure servers.

You can quickly and easily add team members to your studio plan for an additional $50/user/month. Simply email [email protected] to request additional seats. We have you covered!

kitchen and bath designer